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ЦельУстановление фактического уровня теоретических знаний обучающихся по дисциплине «Английский язык». Задачи обучающиеся должны уметь строить вопросительные предложений в Passive Voice, продемонстрировать знания изученных лексических единиц.

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для обучающихся III курса

по специальности:

08.02.05 Строительство и эксплуатация автомобильных дорог и аэродромов

Разработала преподаватель английского языка

Рахматуллина Танзиля Мухаметовна

Уфа -2022год

I.Составьте из слов вопросительные предложения:

1.Who / the / made / first / roads / by / were? 2. What / used / were / construction / materials / road ? 3. What / the / oldest / road / paved / is / existing? 4. How / people / long / cover / did / it / to / the / Ephesus / distance / from / take / Susa / to? 5. Egyptians / why / the / their / first / did / roads / build? 6. What /were /the Greek /used/ their/ roads for? II.Подставьте в предложениях пропущенные слова: traffic jams, network of roads, well-maintained, roadway, potholes, road-builders, route, maintain, lack, turnpikes.

We take for granted that all roads must be 1_________. But in real life we have quite opposite situation. Unfortunately roads in our city have many 2_________. Another problem is 3_________. Sometimes it takes us plenty of time to travel the 4_________ which in fact takes 15 minutes. So, what should we do to make our 5_________ better? May be first of all it is necessary to provide a 6_________ of a good quality and 7_________ it efficiently to avoid cracks and potholes. We may also use 8_________ as an alternative. If there is no 9_________ of funding it will be easier to have good maintenance. And certainly 10_________ must be highly qualified.

III.Установите соответствия:

Highway is …

A a road on which a driver must pay a fee

B a road that is perpendicular to a street

C a wide avenue

D a large paved road connecting two cities

E a short dead end street in a circle shape

F a public road in a town or city

Street is…

Avenue is …

IV.Подставьте подходящие по смыслу слова: freeways /dead ends /alleys/ roads/ lanes.

1 Most have passing ______ for faster drivers. 2 _____ are usually too narrow for more than one car to drive down. 3______ have no exits. 4 Some rural ______ are nothing more than packed dirt. V. Прочитайте текст и выполните задания:

A severe storm has left Jamestown roads in terrible condition. Tree branches still block every lane of most roadways. Leaves and trash clogged the storm drains and filled the gutters. This caused flooding in many roads, with water levels rising well over the curb. Many drivers were unable to reach their destinations. Some left their cars on the shoulder.

The flooding caused serious damage in some locations. On the corner of Smith St. and 1st Avenue, a streetlight fell. The median of Highway 19 washed away in several areas.

Crews expect to find more damage to the surface of many roads. They ask that drivers report any problems with pavement. V-A. Выберите правильное название текста: 1)RUINS; 2) STORM LEAVES ROADS IN RUIN; 3)ROADS ARE RUINED

V-B.Дайте ответы на вопросы: 1 .What are some parts of a road? 2 How does water drain from roads? V-C.Определите верно (True) или неверно (False) высказывание: 1 The roadways have been cleared. 2 Leaves blocked the storm drains. 3 The highway's pavement washed away.

VI. Установите соответствия:

Bypass is…

A a long metal bar that borders the edge of a highway

B the point where highways meet and intersect

C a lane which allows vehicles to leave a highway

D a highway that allows vehicles to go around business centers or local traffic

E a single lane or lanes used to ease traffic during peak highway usage

F the inside lane on a highway that is intended for higher speeds of traffic

Off ramp is..

Interchange is…

VII. Подставьте подходящие по смыслу слова: exit breakdown lane on ramp divider

1.The____________ is the only way to leave the highway.

2.The ___________leaves space for drivers to pull over without stopping traffic.

3 Take the next____________ to get onto the highway. 4.A driver lost control, but the__________ prevented him from hitting oncoming cars.

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