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Project on the topic: “The musical map of my country»

Russia at a glanceThe musical map of Russia is rich in various genres of music.

Musical events in RussiaInvasion. Huge, driving, memorable, bright, well-organized, legendary – it's all about the "Invasion". Here are the biggest stars and big names: Aria, DDT, Zemfira, mummy Troll, chayf, Alice, spleen and many others. "Invasion" is not only music, it is also a movie, theater and show.

Grushinsky festivalA festival that has long been a classic in the world of bard song. "Grushenka" has been held since 1968. On the stages you can see and hear legendary bards, musical groups, poets and invited cultural figures.

DobrofestDobrofest is an annual festival that take place in Yaroslavl in June. Pop, rock and folk musicians and bands take part in it.

Slavyanskiy BazarSlavyanskiy Bazar is an international art festival in Vitebsk. It has been held since 1992.

Famous musicians in RussiaPyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893). The social and cultural rise of Russian society in the second half of the XIX century largely affected music. The national school was formed, the classical school developed, and Tchaikovsky became a bright phenomenon of musical romanticism. The most popular works of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky are the following:"Nutcracker","Swan lake","Eugene Onegin","Sleeping beauty.

Schubert Franz (1797-1828). He lived a little more than 30 years, half of them devoted to music. Of the more than six hundred works, only a small number were published or performed during the composer's lifetime. But classical music of the West is impossible to imagine without Franz Schubert. The most popular works of Schubert Franz are the following:«Ave Maria»,«Serenade»,«Symphony N 8» (unfinished).

Music map of RussiaVladivostok's music includes: "mummy Troll", VR Wasabi, Krypton's Sons, Svoboda.Yekaterinburg's music includes: "Agatha Christie", "Chaif", BOGACHI, AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS.Music of Rostov-on-don includes: "Caste", Basta, REM Digga, the "Sand people".Music of St. Petersburg includes: Little Big, The Hatters, Leningrad, Buckwheat.

Thus, Russia is a huge musical country that pleases every citizen with its beautiful and diverse music.

Thank you for your attention!

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