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Соотнесите слова с их описанием:

to annoy

two things

2. bored

b) to make someone feel uncomfortable

3. couple

c) the highest part of an object

4. top

d) tired of smth. uninteresting

5. reason

e)explanation for what has happened

6. bottom

f) the lowest part of an object


g)different and more than few


2. Найдите ошибки:

1. I would like my mum be happy.

2. My granny wants I to help her at the dacha.

3. He heard Ann to sing a nice song.

4. My mum makes me to come home on time.

5. I expect my friend invite me to the party.

6. I heard him getting up, coming up to the window and opening it.

7. She never lets her daughter to go to a disco.

8. I want my parents buy me a new bike.

9. Everybody expected him tell the truth.

10. Would you like me bring a cold drink?

3. Choose the correct answer:

My parents always want … the washing up.

that I did b) me to do c) me d) for me to do

Our new teacher said he’d like … down everything he said.

that we must write c) us writing

us to write d) us write

We expected our friends … fast for a while.

to move c) will move

moved d) move

I’ll make … to the doctor next week.

they to go c) them go

they go d) them to go

Her family will let … Spain.

her to visit c) that she to visit

her visiting d) her visit

Mary was made …the poem by heart.

to learn c) learnt

learn d) learning

I saw a strange man … up the stairs.

walking c) to walk

walked d) him walk

Mrs. Green felt the little girl … her hand.

a) to touch c) touched

b) touch d) will touch

9. Can you hear the child …?

a) to cry c) crying

b) was crying d) cried

10. They are never allowed … home late.

a) come c) will come

b) to come d) came

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